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This week I would like to introduce “Sistah Anonymous”. She will be with us weekly sharing her wisdom as a Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother in Christ. Show her some love, support and leave comments because I am sure we all can relate to her chronicles. Now without further ado, I present…


Sistah Anonymous


The Daughter:


Every time I go to share my thoughts, what echoes in my spirit is Mathew 7:1-5. It gets louder and louder combating every other thought. Makes me want to just concentrate and do the work. The work that needs to be done to fulfill my faith. To show and prove what I believe is mighty and true, The word of The Most High!

Someone once told me “Everyone is broken, It’s the glue we choose to use that matters the most” I didn’t have the slightest clue what she was talking about, until I noticed I was broken and needed to be fixed. Everything I did and every circumstance I found myself in, was me trying to find the super glue that held “ME” together.


The process to unraveling my character at first was absolutely the hardest thing to do. Drowning in a victim’s mentality, stuck in a child-like state , I realized my actions was rooted in the generational confusion that plagued the men and women in my family. Traumatic experiences like molestation, abuses, neglect suffered by the trusted hands of family members and or family friends; created a distorted perception that was passed along and viewed as “Normal”. When I examined closely, it was most people within my immediate circle and in my environment that dealt with a derivative of those same deep-seeded issues. After trial and error I was certain that Christ aka The Bible Scriptures (The word) was the key to unblocking my journey. It was now time to dive deeper and take the mote out of my eye. The mote was not a speck. It was a full- on bolder. If there was a slight chance of an efficacious life, it was time to stop the hypocrisy and change my mind (repent).


Amongst a huge list of, lets just called them “concerns” was my inability to create “personal boundaries.” So much hangs on that concept; my self worth/ self esteem, belief in my competency to complete a task , Who/what I should give my attention/time to, all hung on this notion. How so? you may ask, I was one of those that needed to be loved. without a clear cut understanding of what it was, what it should look like. My definition of love was the “feeling of right.” That’s it. It was love if it felt right. lol… Thank the father for Christ ’cause that is not the definition to live by. As a result my life was filled with poor choices. I thought I was avoiding the mistakes of the elder women, but I just found myself in a remix version of their mistakes. The 2000 edition.



Discretion and it’s relevancy was something I had no idea of. I don’t know if you have ever been in a place you don’t want to be because of your decisions, but I really wasn’t interested in going any further. No amount of money or prior accomplishments was worth it. Along with the fact, I am 144,000% sure I am accountable for my ways, a clean up mission was necessary. Crazy how deep it can go, but once I realized this, it was time to allow the father to create some limits, one scripture at a time.


I’m far from done. I have a WAYS———–> to go, but I am grateful for The Father and his decision to send his son. The perfect prescription to conquer all things in life is within the word.Praise the Most High, for his mercy endureth forever!Stay tuned for the precepts on Friday.

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One thought on “Sistah Anonymous: The Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother in Christ!

  • March 1, 2014 at 8:26 am

    YESSSS!!!Preach sister because the choir is HERE lol…I feel you on everything above…The Most High is the only glue that can put us back together and together how we should be…i know it’s a hard thing to getting out of that”old” state of mind especially when you still have so many things around you to still trigger an “old” reaction…I know with fasting and praying the Most High will definitely continue helping me rid myself of all my old ways…Thanks for the insight Ms.Anonymous


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